What Are the Most Common Air Force Officer Jobs?


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As of 2014, the most common Air Force officer positions in the aviation field are pilots, combat systems officers and air battle managers. The most common non-aviation jobs involve mission support, intelligence and missile maintenance logistics, air traffic control, space operations, and scientific and technical work.

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Most job applicants seeking employment in the U.S. Air Force as of 2014 prefer a career linked to flying. Alternative career paths include engineering, logistics and transportation, health and medicine, weaponry, sciences and space. Cadets must choose an area of employment based on their interests and aptitude.

Commissioned officer ranks in the Air Force are divided into company grade, field grade and general officers. Officers are constantly engaged in multiple capacities, such as supervisors and managers. Their responsibilities include ensuring the security of installations, weapons systems and resources. They also perform regular anti-terrorism checks and oversee air base defense, personnel training, combat arms and information security.

As of 2014, the minimum qualification for becoming a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force is a four-year undergraduate degree. Working in a medical or engineering field requires a specialized degree. Admittance to the Air Force Academy’s Air Force Reserve Officers Training Program or graduating from

Officer Training School can also qualify candidates to obtain a position as a commissioned officer.

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