What Does Colorado Parks & Wildlife Do?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages more than 40 state parks, all of the wildlife in the state, more than 300 wildlife areas and many recreational programs. The organization is a national leader in outdoor recreation, conservation and the management of wildlife in the state.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife works with the community by conducting research, issuing fishing and hunting licenses and improving wildlife management. The agency places a high priority on the improvement and protection of habitats and provides habitat and wildlife assistance to landowners. The organization also develops programs to recover, protect and understand endangered or threatened species.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is in charge of Colorado's state trail program and works with the community to register boats, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles and outfitters. Regulations for the parks and wildlife areas come from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission. The mission of this organization is to offer quality state parks to the community, secure wildlife in the state and offer a number of outdoor recreational opportunities that provide enjoyment and sustainability. The goal of Colorado Parks and Wildlife is also to inspire and educate both current and future generations of the state's citizens to respect and protect the natural resources of the state.