How Do You Find a College's Mailing Address?


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You can typically find a college's mailing address by navigating to the school's website and clicking a link labeled "Contact Us." Often, the legal address of the college or university is located in the bottom-most banner on the school's website.

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The school's mailing address varies based on the person or department you are attempting to contact. Most departments indicate their individual mailing addresses by building, room number or mail stop, and street address on their individual websites. If you want to send mail to the university or college's legal address, utilizing the physical address listed on the bottom banner of the school's main page or on the "Contact Us" page is typically the most effective method. If you want the mailing to reach a particular person, it is best to include a Re: or Attn: line following the college's name on the envelope. The following format is appropriate:

The University of XXX, ATTN: President X Y Z

100 Correct Address Avenue, Suite, Mail stop, Floor, or Building if provided

City, State, ZIP code

If you are unable to search for the address online, a phone book is a reliable back-up method. The legal or general mailing address is listed in the area phone book for the city or region where the university is located.

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