What Is the Code of Practice for a Nursery Home?


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The Code of Practice for a nursery home is a code of ethics initiated by the American Nurses Association (ANA) in 1995. It is also known as the Code of Ethics or the Code of Nurses, according to the ANA.

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What Is the Code of Practice for a Nursery Home?
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Nursing ethics centers around the nursing profession and is a type of applied ethic. It has many principles, including nonmaleficence and respect for autonomy, but focuses intently on nurse-patient relationships, dignity and collaborative care. These ethics determine the way a nurse and patient interact on a daily basis ensuring the nurse is providing humane care that protects and fulfills the human rights of the patient.

Nurses are responsible for upholding a patient's dignity and respecting vulnerability while the patient is in the nurse's care. The code focuses more on care and nurturing rather than actively trying to cure an illness, which sets this code apart from other medical ethics codes. The Code of Practice also focuses more on daily care than on any particular moral dilemmas and sticks to broader principles such as relationship-building. The Code of Practice also ensures that nurses respect the autonomous choices of the patient as well as the patient's decisions regarding their own medical treatment and care.

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