How Do You Find the Closest VFW Post?

You can locate the Veterans of Foreign Wars post closest to you by using the VFW post locator tool on This tool allows you to use either your city and state or a ZIP code as a search variable to find a VFW post.

You can also set the VFW Post locator tool to display results that are within a distance of between five to 100 miles from the ZIP code that you used as the search variable. You can further filter the results by clicking on the post features that you are searching for. Some of these features include a VFW club room, hall rental services, Boy Scout location, a Patriot's Pen or Funeral Honors services.

The VFW has its roots in a local organization that was established in 1899 by veterans of the Philippine Insurrection and the Spanish-American War. These veterans established the organization to secure benefits and rights for the veterans of these two conflicts. At the time, war veterans often returned to the United States with injury but did not receive a veteran's pension or medical care. The membership of the VFW grew exponentially between 1915 and 1936: its numbers grew from 5,000 to 200,000 members.