What Is Closed Due to a Government Shutdown?


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During previous shutdowns of the United States governments, some agencies and services that were completely closed were the National Parks, Internal Revenue Service and the Small Business Administration. The status of a number of other agencies is unclear or mixed and may depend on the length of the shutdown.

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During the shutdown of 2011, the National Parks were closed to visitors, and campers were given 24 hours to vacate the premises. Rangers and law enforcement officers remained on duty, however, and public roads on parks were still accessible. The IRS did no processing of paperwork, and the Small Business Administration did not review loan applications. Other agencies that were closed outright included the Environmental Protection Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, the answer lines for Medicare and Medicaid, Homeland Security's visa processing division, the National Institutes of Health and the White House Visitor Center and Gift Shop. Probation officers in the federal courts also did not report for work.

Some agencies that had partial closures or service reductions included many of the other services of the federal courts, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the State Department. Members of the military continued to earn their normal pay, but paychecks were delayed. Many Congressional staffers were also furloughed.

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