Who Claimed That Hillary Clinton Has Been Fired From a Job for Misconduct?

claimed-hillary-clinton-fired-job-misconduct Credit: Yana Paskova/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The story that Hilary Rodham Clinton was once fired from a job for misconduct originates with Jerry Zeifman's 2006 book, "Hillary's Pursuit of Power," in which Zeifman says that Clinton engaged in unethical practices. Little evidence exist to confirm his claims.

A viral email circulating as of 2015 claims that when Hillary Rodham was 27 and working on the Watergate investigation, she was fired for lying and being unethical. This email is based on a March 31, 2008 column by Dan Calabrese that referred to Jerry Zeifman's book. Zeifman, a counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, supervised Clinton on the Watergate investigation. He claims that Clinton and others wanted Richard Nixon to remain in office to help Senator Ted Kennedy or other Democrats in the presidential election. He also says they wanted to prevent Nixon from testifying because they were afraid he'd bring up misdeeds of President Kennedy. While Zeifman fired Clinton after the Watergate investigation, there is little evidence to confirm his claims.