How Do You Claim Unemployment Compensation in Pennsylvania?

How Do You Claim Unemployment Compensation in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, unemployed workers can claim unemployment compensation by filing an application online or reopening an existing claim. They can complete the application online, call the statewide toll-free number or mail or fax the paper application.

Individuals who wish to claim unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania need to complete an application. They can do so through the statewide unemployment compensation website, which is secure and available seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

Alternatively, unemployed workers can call a toll-free number and complete the application over the phone. Those who feel more comfortable with paper applications have the option to download the form online, fill it out, and mail or fax it to an unemployment compensation service center.

In order to file a claim, an unemployed worker must provide his Social Security number, his Pennsylvania state driverメs license number (if applicable), his alien registration number (if he is not a U.S. citizen), the name and address of his former employer(s), his employer information form (if he has one), his mailing address, his PIN (if applicable), dates of employment and reason for leaving.

The applicant is not required to submit his most recent pay stub, but it is helpful if he does. If an unemployed worker has worked out of state in the previous 18 months, he has to provide his employer's name and mailing address. Finally, if the applicant was in the military in the last 18 months, he needs to provide his DD214 and Member Copy 4.