How Do You Claim Money the Government Owes You?

How Do You Claim Money the Government Owes You?

To find unclaimed money from the government, it is necessary to visit individual state or federal agencies and perform a search. Unclaimed money can also be located at banks, credit unions and other sources where money has been deposited.

Unclaimed money from the government may be in sitting in several locations including the federal government like Social Security. Also for federal, check to be sure a tax refund has been received.

Unclaimed funds from a state tax filing, retirement money from a pension from a former employer. A search for unclaimed money by state is available on a website, unclaimed.

A search by state is available by clicking on the Missing Money link on the on the federal government website The link goes directly to a page that is connected to each of the individual agency page that has information about unclaimed money or property, such as that State Controllers office, the Department of Revenue or State Treasurers office.

Legitimate unclaimed money government agencies warn consumers against fraud. Fraudulent companies portray their businesses to appear to be government agencies and ask for a fee in return for a refund, according to State and United federal offices do not call citizens about unclaimed funds or assets and do not ask for money in return.