How Do You Claim Inherited Money?


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To claim an inheritance, contact the executor of the will or the judge in charge of the case. They make sure that you receive your money and any other paperwork you need, such as a deed or title if you are inheriting property.

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The court officers or the executor of the will are generally required to notify people of their inheritance. This notification usually comes with specific instructions on how to claim the inheritance. Money is generally easier to claim than property, which may require additional paperwork to transfer. Property or money that has a lien on it may not be immediately available for claiming.

If you do not get a notification but you believe you are named in the will, you can file a Demand for Notice. This is a legal form that states your intention to claim your inheritance and forces the probate court to include you in proceedings.

If you think you may have missed claiming an older inheritance, you can use a site such as Unclaimed.org to search for unclaimed money. This usually happens when the estate makes it through probate court but an heir cannot be located for notification and disbursement. From there, follow the state's process for claiming the money.

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