How Do You Claim Disability Insurance Benefits With Form DE 2501?


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To claim disability insurance benefits with Form DE 2501, fill in the information on the Claim Statement of Employee section. The weekly benefit amount is determined by the starting date of your claim. As such, choose the starting date carefully. Ensure you append your signature after completing all the items. Proofread the information to ensure it is accurate to avoid errors and omissions, because errors can delay the payment and cause the claim to be returned, says Teamsters Local 87.

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Visit your doctor to fill the “Doctor’s Certification” section. Look through the information to make sure all the information required is provided, including the doctor’s signature. Some of the authorized personnel that can fill this section and sign in include physicians, chiropractors, optometrists, psychologists and nurse practitioners, states Teamsters Local 87.

Request for the appropriate form in case you need someone else to fill the claim forms for you. This may be because of your disability. The individual providing such assistance must be an agent authorized to fill forms for disability claims. Attach a Practitioner’s Certificate form if you are under the care of an accredited religious practitioner. Also, note that the doctor’s certificate is irrelevant when you are claiming for temporary worker’s compensation, according to Teamsters Local 87.

Make sure the claim form reaches the nearest disability insurance office at least nine days after but not more than 49 days after your disability, states Teamsters Local 87.

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