Is a City Ordinance Violation Considered a Crime?

A city ordinance violation is a misdemeanor, which is a crime punishable according to state law, according to Municode. The city ordinance outlines the punishment for the specific violation, not to exceed the provisions of the state's general statutes.

Misdemeanors are not punishable by prison time like the more serious offenses classified as felonies. However, they are punishable by a fine, jail time or a combination of the two, states Criminal Defense Lawyer. Misdemeanors, sometimes referred to as gross misdemeanors in some states, are classified as Class A, B or C, or by distinct levels. The maximum penalty for a Class A misdemeanor in some states is $5000 or a year in jail. Punishments for the crimes, and classifications of the offenses, vary according to the provisions of the state general assembly.