How Do You Find a City Ordinance?

How Do You Find a City Ordinance?

Most city ordinances are listed within the officialwebsite of the respective city. provides one-stop access to the websites of various state agencies and city and county governments, according to the website locator.

From the homepage, users simply select the respective state of the city they wish to obtain ordinances. The following page contains a hyperlinked list of available cities, organized by county providing direct access to the desired site.

Municipal codes can also be found at a town or county clerk's office or the local public library, according to Nolo. The phone numbers of city and county offices providing the ordinances can be found in the government blue pages of most phone books.

It is important to become familiar with city ordinances, as they are never weaker than those established at the federal or state level, and frequently stricter. For example, Building Code earthquake safety standards in the city of San Francisco are more stringent than those found in the State of California Building Code, explain legal experts at Nolo.

Common city ordinances may involve parking restrictions, noise levels, the visible storage of furniture and other possessions, alcohol possession and curfews for minors. Ordinances are enforced by the police agency presiding over the city; residents found in violation may or may not have to appear in court unless they wish to appeal the ticket.