What Cities Offer Checking the Status of a Parking Ticket Online?


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The cities of Chicago and Los Angeles allow users to view parking tickets and make payment online, according to the City of Chicago and the City of Los Angeles. Some cities, such as San Diego, California, permit users to check the status of traffic citations, states the City of San Diego.

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Individuals can view parking citations in San Diego, California on the city's website. The portal also provides additional information, such as the payment amount due, the status of any appeals, and photographs associated with the citation, according to the official website of the City of San Diego.

In New York, the NYCServ e-services system permits users to check the status of parking tickets and camera violations and locate towed vehicles, explains the city website. In Chicago, users can check the status of a parking ticket by ticket number, vehicle number, driver's license number, or the Vehicle Identification Number, according to the City of Chicago website.

Parking Enforcement Officers in Boston, Massachusetts upload their parking ticket data to an online database every 24 hours, while those added by police officers may not appear online for up to a week, according to the City of Boston. The database is available for viewing, but online payments are only available for passenger and commercial vehicles that have a Massachusetts registration.

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