What Cities Are in Area Code 213?

Area code 213 operates for parts, but not all, of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It is closest to the downtown area of Los Angeles and contains parts of Gardena, Burbank and Sherman Oaks, California.

Area code 213 used to be the major area code for the Greater Los Angeles area but was split initially in 1991 when West Los Angeles and the South Bay become area code 310. The 213 area code was again split into the 323 area code on June 13, 1998, when areas outside of downtown were unincorporated. Area code 213 operates in downtown Los Angeles and several nearby cities that are located in Los Angeles county near the downtown area. The 213 area code is considered an enclave because it is surrounded on all sides by the 323 area code. This is a trait it shares with only a few area codes located in certain major cities such as San Antonio and Chicago.

Although the 213 area code services one of the largest populations of people in the United States, it is one of the smallest area codes, only encompassing a few square miles of total area. According to the

North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA), the organization that allocates and governs area codes, only 316 of 1000 possible area codes are in use as of June 2015.