What Circumstances Can Affect Your Social Security Disability Payments?


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Circumstances that may affect Social Security disability benefits are an improvement in health to the point the recipient is no longer disabled or the recipient wishes to go back to work and not depend on benefits, says the Social Security Administration. The law requires a periodic case review.

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Benefits continue for an individual as long as he is disabled, but cases are reviewed periodically to determine if this is the case, explains the Social Security Administration. How often cases are reviewed depends on whether the recipient's condition is expected to improve.

Two things can prompt the Social Security Administration to stop benefits, notes its official website. This occurs if the recipient works at a level it considers substantial based on the current year's monthly allowable income and if it determines the medical condition improved to the point where the recipient is no longer considered disabled. Recipients are responsible for reporting any improvements in their conditions and if they return to work.

Special work incentives are in place to allow a recipient to keep his benefits while testing his ability to work, according to Disability Secrets from Nolo. These programs also offer vocational training and reimbursement of expenses for equipment to accommodate the disability.

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