How Do You Choose a Texas Attorney to Go After Child Support?

To choose a Texas attorney for child support payments, speak with references, interview the attorney and investigate the attorney's reputation, according to Make sure the attorney has experience with Texas child support laws.

Some of the suggested references to choose an attorney include friends and family, court clerks, other parents, and the state bar association, explains These people can suggest attorneys whom they know have a good reputation.

Interviewing potential attorneys is also important, states The attorney should be approachable and have a style and personality to match the parent's. The attorney must also have experience in the same type of case and have a winning record. It is also important to ask about the attorney's fee structure, and find out about whether or not the attorney offers a free consultation.

There are a number of resources available to check the reputation of an attorney, claims For instance, checking the state bar records is an excellent way to ensure the attorney has a valid license to practice law in the state. It also is worth the time to talk to people in the community about a particular attorney, even if these people are strangers. In many areas, an attorney's reputation precedes them.