How Do You Choose a Board of Directors for a Nonprofit Agency?


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People selecting potential board members for a nonprofit should choose candidates who share a passion for the organization's work, who are willing to help with practical tasks, have strong community ties and are willing to support fundraising efforts, notes Nolo. Board members for nonprofits should also be chosen in such a way that the overall board reflects a diverse cross-section of the community, based on factors such as race, age, gender, occupation and skills.

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Potential members of nonprofit boards should demonstrate an enthusiastic commitment to the work of the organization, as board members are involved in defining organizations' missions, establishing priorities, developing strategies and ensuring that plans are implemented, states Nolo. Whether they wish to actively raise money or do so in a more discrete manner, potential board members must be willing to engage in fundraising, as it plays a critical role in nonprofits.

Potential board members should be willing to engage in tasks that reflect the missions of organizations, such as feeding the homeless, cleaning pollution in wetlands or helping the unemployed, according to Nolo. This is especially important for smaller nonprofits, which may consist solely of board members, a few paid staff members and volunteers. Nonprofits should present potential board members with information such as the group's mission, history, length of board terms and any potential legal issues to ensure that there is mutual agreement regarding their fitness for board membership.

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