How Do You Choose an Affordable Divorce Lawyer?


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To find an affordable divorce attorney, interview at least three different attorneys, according to the Huffington Post. Take advantage of the attorneys' free initial consultations, and ask them about their rates and experience as well as their fees for cases as complex as yours.

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Ask the attorneys if they specialize in divorce, and ask them if they have other present divorce clients, recommends The Entrepreneur. Similarly, ask them who specifically from their offices handles the case, as associate attorneys and paralegals often significantly contribute to a divorce case. Ask each attorney what the respective fees are for each person who works on the case.

Clients rank attorneys online just like people might rate a restaurant, so check websites that review attorneys to see if other clients have written reviews about the attorneys, advises The Atlantic. It is also wise to check the state bar's website for any ethics complaints against the attorneys, according to the Huffington Post. Divorce is an uncertain process with very few guaranteed outcomes, so be wary if an attorney promises success or a certain result.

Typical attorney fees range from $125 to $150 per hour but can reach as high as $245 per hour for only an associate attorney, according to The Atlantic. Additionally, because most attorneys charge by the hour, minimize attorney fees by not using the attorney as a friend or a sounding board for the frustrations of divorce, advises the Huffington Post.

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