What Is Child Support Used For?


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Child support may be used for food, clothing, shelter, medical care, educational fees, transportation and child care, according to FindLaw. Child support may also cover extracurricular activities, entertainment and college expenses.

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All U.S. states have set guidelines on what types of expenses may be claimed for child support. Various factors are used to determine what child support payments should be in each particular custody case. Factors such as the financial needs of the child, the parent's ability to pay support and household income are all taken into consideration, explains FindLaw. Guidelines vary from state to state, so it's best for parents to check the specific state in which they live to determine what costs are factored into the final child support judgement.

Family lawyer Natalie Gregg at the Huffington Post notes that the state of Texas, and likely many other states, have guidelines that specifically omit several types of common school and recreational expenses. Daycare, babysitting, enrichment camps, school photos, yearbooks, tutoring, music lessons and college funds are all expenses that are not allowed to be claimed for child support purposes in the state of Texas, as of 2014. Even if the spouse or partner previously paid for these expenses, they are not covered by child support in many states, says Ms. Gregg.

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