Where Are Child Support Payment Checks Sent?


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Child support payment checks are sent to an authorized processing center such as Child Support Payment Central in the state of Ohio, explains the Department of Job and Family Services. The processing center makes payments to the custodial parent, notes the State of Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency.

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In Hawaii, child support checks need to be mailed to the Child Support Enforcement Agency and are processed by the Statewide Disbursement Branch of the agency, explains the State of Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency. When a check is received, federal regulations stipulate that the agency must make payment within two working days, and payment orders for the current month are the first priority for disbursement, explains the CSEA for the State of Hawaii.

Checks received from organizations that process court-mandated deductions from the paychecks of non-custodial parents are converted to electronic payments through the Automated Clearing House System, according to the Bureau of Fiscal Service of the U.S. Treasury. The payments and instructions are then passed on to state enforcement agencies for processing and disbursement. The exact process varies by state.

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