What Is a Child Support MasterCard?

A child support MasterCard is a safe, secure way for Child Support Services to deposit child support into someone's account electronically. There is no need for paper checks or trips to the bank with the card. If someone does not have direct deposit already set up, he will not get the card until the first payment is placed on it.

These cards have taken the place of paper checks, and most Child Services departments do not use paper checks at all as of 2015. With the cards, users can get their money with two to three days after payment is made to the account. The cards can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted, giving people more flexibility, easier access to their money and a better way to balance it. Users can withdraw cash from the card as needed at ATMs. The ATMs that can be used are indicated at the back of the card as with standard credit or debit cards.

If someone receiving child support does not want the card for some reason and the state does not offer checks, he can opt to have the money deposited into a bank account. Child Support Services can provide the forms needed to set up direct deposit into a bank account of choice.