What Is a Child-Support Affidavit Form?


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A child-support affidavit form is used when a court is overseeing a child support case, and both parties are required to provide the court information regarding their finances, LegalZoom.com notes. The name of the form may differ by state, but generally, the information required is the same, such as the income, assets and debts of the parties involved in the child-support case.

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Most child-support affidavit forms require information regarding wages, assets, debts and retirement accounts, LegalZoom.com notes. Assets generally include real estate, jewelry and vehicles, while debt includes outstanding loans, mortgages and credit card balances.

Monthly expenses are usually required on a child support affidavit. This includes mortgage, rent and car payments along with food and entertainment costs, explains LegalZoom.com. Parents requesting child support may want to include expenses incurred on behalf of the child, such as babysitting costs.

A child-support affidavit also includes a section pertaining to information on the children. Information such as where the children live, whether they attend college or work or if they have special needs is usually required on the form. Additionally, an explanation of payment of the children's health insurance and information regarding children from another relationship may also be necessary to include when filling out the child-support affidavit, LegalZoom.com says.

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