How Do You Check Your Voter Registration Status? allows users in the United States to verify their voter registration status online. The site links to the voting registrars of every state. From their state's site, users can verify their registration status by entering some basic personal information. is a comprehensive resource for voters. In addition to letting voters check their registration status, it allows registration for new voters in states that permit electronic voter registration. The site also features a tool providing the location of the nearest designated polling place, the date of the next election taking place in a given precinct and the types of documentation required for voter identification at that polling place. also has information about absentee and early voting for military members stationed overseas or any voters otherwise unable to vote in person on election day. Because state laws regarding absentee and early voting are inconsistent across the country, does not provide its own information about these topics, but rather links to each state's absentee and early voting information. also links to the National Association of Secretaries of State. This association provides answers to specific questions regarding voting. The NASS provides similar information to, as well as contact information of local election officials, voter registration requirements and any relevant dates or deadlines.