How Do You Check Your Unemployment Claim Status in Florida?

Florida residents are required to establish an online Connect account at the website of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. After a claim is filed, claimants can log in 24 hours a day to check the status of an unemployment claim. Connect accounts contain all information related to an unemployment claim and claimants are able to see how many payment weeks are available.

Through a Connect account claimants can file new claims, complete a claim or keep the claim process going. In cases where a claim for unemployment benefits is denied, claimants can appeal the decision by attending a hearing conducted by an appeals referee. If the appeal is granted, a formal hearing is scheduled to allow the claimant to present his case. Individuals with approved claims are required to look for work opportunities at the Employ Florida Marketplace. In addition, claimants must log into Connect and certify a claim every two weeks to continue receiving benefits.

Under Florida law, persons claiming unemployment benefits must contact a minimum of five employers every week. Alternatively, claimants must participate in CareerSource Center re-employment activities when not seeking work. During tax time claimants can print out Internal Revenue Service Form 1099-G from a Connect account and report unemployment benefit income received during the year.