How Do You Check for Unclaimed Money From the Louisiana Treasury?

Individuals can check for unclaimed money in Louisiana by visiting the unclaimed property division page at the Louisiana Department of the Treasury website. An online claims form is accessible by clicking the search for lost money link. Searchers must provide a personal or company name, address and city.

Louisiana's unclaimed property division allows individuals to conduct searches for unclaimed money and property free of charge. Louisiana returns millions of dollars in unclaimed monetary assets to individuals each year. Monetary assets given back include cash, bonds, stocks, insurance benefits and payroll checks. Information found in its database includes name and address of the account holder and Social Security number, if available. The Louisiana Department of the Treasury periodically updates the database, removing claimed assets and adding new ones.

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators provides general information and resources for those searching for unclaimed money. The value of unclaimed property being held in numerous U.S. states and territories amounts to billions of dollars. There is no fixed time limit for filing a claim of ownership to unclaimed funds, and heirs are able to receive these funds as well. Typically, monetary assets are deemed unclaimed after a certain period of account inactivity. Each state has laws pertaining to how unclaimed assets are processed and transferred to state treasuries.