How Do You Check a Property Title?

Online businesses such as NextAce and let individuals perform a title search by entering the property address into a search field. NextAce charges a fee of $29.95 for a title search package and $29.95 for an ownership and encumbrance report as of May 2015.

NextAce lets users preview information about the property in question before purchasing a title search by using its SearchQ comprehensive property report. This free preview tells the user if the search located information, such as ownership history, tax information, and outstanding mortgages and liens, on the property address entered in the search field. It also notes whether or not the database includes any foreclosure history or open judgements against the property. The report provides neighborhood demographics, such as average household size, median household income and home-ownership rates. The crime rate, school enrollment and poverty statistics are included as well. After previewing the information, the user may purchase a title search and ownership and encumbrance report or choose to buy only property tax information for $2.95. is designed primarily for real estate professionals and those who want to search multiple titles each month. The site offers a free preview of one property to individuals who register and provide a phone number and email address. This preview includes only the name of the property owner and any deed transfers on record. To get more extensive information, users must purchase a subscription that costs between $400 and $800 per year for 150 to 200 title reports per month.