How Do You Check for a Patent Number?


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To check for a patent number, first look on the product to see if the U.S. patent number is listed anywhere on the packaging or on the product itself. If there is not a patent number on the product, navigate to the USPTO search portal online to search for the product.

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To perform a quick search, enter up to two specific search terms about the product you are hoping to find, such as the name of the product, its issue date or the name of the inventor. Match terms to a specific search field by using the drop-down menu for each field, such as title or issue date. If you do not have that information, enter terms that give a description of the physical state of the product or what function it performs and use the All Fields search designation. If a large number of results come back, narrow down the search criteria.

An advanced search is similar to the quick search except it accepts more than two search terms for the product. Advanced searches also have more descriptive categorization terms. The search terms are entered with a designated field, such as "ttl" for title. Be as specific as you can to return the correct information for the product in which you are interested. Be aware that patents from 1790 through 1975 are harder to search because they require much more specific information to be found.

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