How Do You Check on Local Animal Ordinances?


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A directory of websites that provide state and local animal laws is available at the USDA's Animal Welfare Information Center at AWIC.NAL.USDA.gov. The website also allows users to search for ordinances by specific subject, including laws related to companion animals, humane euthanasia and animals that serve in the zoo or circus.

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The Animal Welfare Information Database links to legal resources with information about every state, according to its website. The only resource that focuses on one specific state is a link to the New York State Bar Association's list of animal-related laws in the state. Otherwise, every resource allows users to find information from any state. Some websites are formatted as lists or tables of all state laws, while others allow users to click on states in a map of the United States to find the laws within a specific state.

One website provided by the AWIC directory about state ordinances is AnimalLaw.info. This website provides a table that defines assistance or service animal, provides information about the relevant accommodation law and lists crimes associated with harassing service dogs or fraudulently identifying oneself as a service dog owner. The website also provides the names of state legal codes, which include links to the exact text of the law.

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