How Do You Check If Your License Is Suspended?


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An individual can go to the Department of Motor Vehicles website of the issuing state and check to see if a license has been suspended. There is often a phone number where one can reach out to a representative who can assist with finding an answer, according to DMV.org

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A license may be suspended for many reasons, including driving under the influence, too many parking tickets, too many points on a driving record, speeding tickets and traffic violations. If a license has been suspended by the issuing state, that individual cannot drive until it is reinstated. The issuing state may require the individual to attend traffic school, get an SR22 policy from his insurance provider and possibly pay a reinstatement fee. An SR22 is a high-risk insurance document. It is possible that insurance premiums may go up after having a license suspended, depending on the details of the suspension. The Department of Motor Vehicles, the secretary of state and the Department of Revenue have the jurisdiction to suspend or revoke a driver's license. Driving laws vary by state. Some states can suspend a license over missing child support payments, failing to appear in court or paying certain fees, reports DMV.org

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