How Do You Check the Current Balance on an EBT Food Stamp Card?

Balances on EBT food stamp cards can be checked by calling the EBT Recipient Hotline at 888-328-7366 and following the menu prompts for balance checks or by visiting and choosing the state in which benefits are received. Recipients will then be asked to enter EBT card numbers and an identifying PIN. Food stamp balances are also printed on receipts from any transactions for which the EBT food stamp card is used.

Additional EBT information that is available by phone or online includes how to report lost, stolen or damaged cards, being notified when benefits are loaded, finding retailers who accept EBT food stamp benefits and hearing or viewing records of past transactions. All options, whether in print or by telephone, are offered in English and Spanish throughout the entire United States.

EBT cards are also used for any monetary assistance a recipient may receive, as well as being used as a secondary medical assistance identification card. Recipients of cash assistance use the EBT card in the same manner that one uses a debit card, including ATM withdrawals and cash back transactions during purchases. To apply for benefits or to check eligibility, log in to, and choose Eligibility Requirements or Learn How to Apply for Benefits.