How Do You Check Your Court Date?

Checking your court date online will tell you when you need to appear next in court. To do this, you need to know the court in which you are scheduled to appear and your case number, according to Law

In addition to checking online, you can also call or visit the court clerk’s office to check your next court date. Wake County Clerk of Court in North Carolina has an automated telephone system which you can call for a criminal or traffic court date, according to their website. Lee County, Florida permits visits to their office to view public court records, which includes court dates, according to the Lee County Clerk of Court. Like other counties throughout the United States, Lee County reports they are transitioning to an online public record system, as permitted by the Florida Supreme Court.

Some online court docket look-up systems cover all state courts, such as Colorado. The Colorado Judicial Branch says it has a website that can search the court dockets of any Colorado County. To perform this search you must have the name of the county where the case is pending, and the location of the court, within that county. For example, for Denver County, Colorado, the possible court locations are the civil court, criminal court and juvenile court. If you don’t have your case number, you will be able to look up your court date using your name only. Some states, such as California, only have online court date look-up by county.