How Do You Check a Contractor's License in CA?

How Do You Check a Contractor's License in CA?

You can check a contractor's license in California by visiting the website for the State of California Contractors State License Board. This site maintains a database that is updated weekly and allows for multiple search options.

  1. Gather the information from your contractor

    Gather the information from your contractor that is needed for the search. This information can be the contractor's name, business name, or license number.

  2. Go to the licensing board's website

    Go the state licensing board's website and drag your cursor over the word "Consumer." A list of options appears, one of which is "Check a License." Click on this option.

  3. Enter the information into the search function

    Enter the information that you have into the search function. On this page, there are three options: license number, business name and personal name. Use the search option that best fits the information you have.

  4. Review the information on your prospective contractor

    Review the available information on your prospective contractor. The site should tell you if the license is active, if the contractor has a bond, and what type of contractor's license it is. The contractor may have a general contractor's license or a specialty license for work such as plumbing or construction.