How Do You Check the Balance on an EBT Food Stamp Card?

Most states allow you to check your EBT balance online. While the general process for establishing and checking an online account is the same across all states, be aware that the details may vary slightly. Consult your state's EBT website for precise instructions.

  1. Find your state's EBT website

    The USDA maintains a list of states that allow online access to EBT accounts along with links to the appropriate site on its webpage. Find your state in the list, and click the link to gain access. Website addresses can also be found in the documentation you received when you were issued your EBT card.

  2. Establish an account

    Create an account on the EBT website by providing identifying information. Provide your EBT card number as well as personal information such as your name and date of birth. At this time, you also need to create a memorable username and password for your account.

  3. Log in to the account

    If necessary, verify your account by clicking the link sent to your email. It is now possible to log in and view your EBT balance. Do this by typing the username and password you chose into the appropriate boxes on the site's homepage and clicking Submit.

  4. Navigate the website

    Once logged in to the website, cardholder are able to view their account balances, transaction history and claim status.