How Do You Chat With a Lawyer for Free Online?

LawZam and Avvo are two companies that connect users with attorneys for free, according to their websites. LawZam provides free online consultations with attorneys across the United States. Avvo charges a small fee for direct consultations but also offers a free method of finding answers to legal questions.

LawZam directly connects potential clients and attorneys for free, explains its website. Clients with specific legal needs can find an attorney in their area and set up a free consultation via online video conference. Users of the site have no obligation to hire the attorney after consultation. For users who may not need to hire an attorney but seek answers to legal questions, the site allows users to post an open question, which is answered by the network of attorneys on the site.

Avvo provides a similar service. Users can post an open question for free and an experienced attorney responds within hours, notes its website. Users can also search Avvo's extensive database for questions that have already been answered. For users who need more direct legal consultation, the site offers a 15-minute call with a top-reviewed attorney for $39.

Both LawZam and Avvo allow users to search for attorneys by practice area and rating, according to their websites. Avvo may have more comprehensive reviews and ratings in some areas, as 97% of all attorneys in the United States are rated on its site.