Is Charles Manson Still Alive?

As of February 2015, convicted murderer Charles Manson is alive and remains behind bars serving a life sentence in a California state prison. Manson received this sentence for his role in the infamous Tate/LaBianca murders that took place in August, 1969.

In the 1960s, Charles Manson formed a small cult in the California desert to preach his beliefs about an impending race war he termed Helter Skelter, after a Beatles song by the same name. In an effort to incite the war, he persuaded his followers to murder film director Roman Polanski's wife Sharon Tate, her unborn child and four of her friends in her Benedict Canyon home. The following day, his followers murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. After defending himself in court, he received a death sentence, which was later converted to life after California abolished the death penalty.