What Are Characteristics of a Successful Politician?

Successful politicians often possess many characteristics, including honesty, energy, ambition, practicality and good communication skills. While not every successful politician possesses all of these qualities, most possess at least several of them to varying degrees.

A politician must possess honesty to be successful because he must build the public's trust in him. He must also build a high level of trust with colleagues, some of whom he may have to work with closely over many years. Politicians must be able to deal honestly with both colleagues and constituents, and they with him.

High energy levels are necessary for a successful politician because his job can be hectic. There is always something new to implement or some aspect of government to improve. Doing this job in a competent manner consumes both time and energy.

Ambition is an important aspect of a successful politician, even though it is sometimes decried as a negative quality. This is because an ambitious politician who wishes to prove himself is more likely to change a policy in accordance with his constituents.

A good politician should also be practical. The heart of practicality is being able to use the system to accomplish the will of both the politician and his constituents despite any hold-ups in federal bureaucracy.