What Are Some Characteristics of a Potential Whistleblower?

Some characteristics of a potential whistleblower are that he firmly believes misconduct occurred, that he believes the misconduct is serious and offensive, and that he is an employee of the organization about which he makes the report. Often, whistleblowers are also meticulous record keepers. The common characteristics of whistleblowers are more about what each person observes rather than about any one defining personality characteristic, says the Huffington Post.

While whistleblowers usually don't possess any particular personality or background in common with other whistleblowers, they tend to arrive at their workplaces less cynical than their peers. When a potential whistleblower begins working, he may be shocked to learn that the corporation or a person in it cheats, steals or lies. This behavior offends the whistleblower, and he sees the violation as serious misconduct, says the Huffington Post. They are also often meticulous record keepers, and the trait allows them to document the perceived misconducts into comprehensive and well-documented reports. Record keeping often allows the whistleblower to prove his allegations, leaving the wrongdoer without excuses for his behavior.

A necessary characteristic of a potential whistleblower is that the reporter may fear retaliation from his employer. Additionally, even if a person is reporting misconduct in another company, he can still suffer for reporting by facing difficulty securing future employment in the industry.