How Do You Go About Changing a Name on a Birth Certificate?


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Changing a name on a birth certificate for children up to age 12 months involves submitting forms to a state office of vital records. Changing the birth certificate name of a child, teen or adult requires filing a court petition, and a judge must issue a court order to finalize the name change. Since procedures vary by state, you can find out what exact steps to take contacting your county courthouse or visiting your state government website.

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If the name change is to correct a misspelling, states such as Maryland don't require a court order. A parent must submit certain documentation to the state department of vital records with the correctly spelled name. If your intention is to legally change a birth certificate name to an entirely new name, you must file court documents and wait for an official court date to appear in front of a judge. You must then stand before a judge and give a reason for the change.

Once the judge approves, you receive a legal court order, and it's a good idea to request a certified copy of the order signed by the judge. The final step in this process is obtaining a new birth certificate with the new name, and your state department of vital records has information on how to get this done.

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