How Do You Change Your Political Party Registration?

How Do You Change Your Political Party Registration?

To change your political party registration, fill out a new voter registration form, and select a new political party. Then, submit the voter registration form online, by mail or in person.

To change your political party registration online, go to, and select your state from the drop-down menu in the center of the Web page. Click the Register to Vote button, and follow the prompts accordingly. Then, locate the Political Party section on the application, and check the box that corresponds to your desired political party. Press the Submit link once all required fields are filled out properly. If your state appears on the list but does not offer online registration, click the Download Form button.

To submit a new Voter Registration Form by mail, visit your State Election Office, and fill out the National Mail Voter Registration Form. Drop off the completed application into any U.S. Post Office or U.S. Mail Box.

Alternatively, visit any State Election Office, and complete the application in-person. To find the nearest office, go to, and select the Resources for Voters link located in the upper left portion of the Web page. Then, click the Register and Vote in Your State link, and choose your state.

As of 2015, there are over 25 political parties in the United States of America. While there are several political parties, you can elect to be independent and not affiliate with any particular party.