How do you change your address for your SSI?


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A Supplemental Security Income recipient can report a change of address by phoning, writing or visiting his local Social Security office during business hours. He should have his Social Security number ready for identification. Offices have English- and Spanish-speaking representatives, and interpreters in other languages are available on request.

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The law requires Supplementary Security Income recipients to report address changes, as their living arrangements can impact the amount of benefits they receive. An individual who resides in his own home and pays his own expenses may be eligible to receive the maximum amount his state allows. Similarly, if he lives with someone else but pays for his room and board, he qualifies for the maximum benefit. If he lives with someone else and does not contribute or only partially contributes to the costs of shelter and food, he may lose up to one-third of the amount of his benefits. The overall cost of room and board does not affect benefit amounts because the Social Security Administration assesses Supplementary Security Income based on income rather than expenses.

Although usually a Supplemental Security Income recipient loses benefits when others pay his expenses, he doesn't lose benefits if a live-in spouse supports him. Similarly, a minor child doesn't lose benefits when he lives with parents who support him. If a Supplementary Security Income recipient moves to a nursing home, hospital or prison, he is either no longer eligible for Supplemental Security Income or receives only an extremely reduced amount.

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