How Do You Challenge a Red Light Photo Ticket in Delaware?


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To challenge a red light photo ticket in Delaware, the recipient of the citation must file the notice of intent to appeal form attached to the citation mailed to the vehicle's owner of record. The driver must then appear in court for the appeal hearing.

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Delaware initiated its Electronic Red Light Safety Program in 2004, and in subsequent years, it expanded the program to more than 30 sites, according to the Delaware Department of Transportation. The department publishes a list of all intersections monitored by traffic cameras on its website.

The fine for this infraction is $112.50, and drivers can pay their tickets online. Late fees can increase the amount to $152.50. Because the red light photo ticket is a civil rather than a criminal citation in Delaware, its issuance has no impact on the recipient's insurance or driving record. In 2014, the state issued over 40,000 red light photo tickets, producing approximately $4.6 million in revenue, according to DelawareOnline.com.

Only a small number of circumstances result in a successful appeal, notes DelawareOnline.com. These include cars traveling in a funeral procession, vehicles directed by a uniformed officer to proceed through the intersection and vehicles moving out of the way of an emergency vehicle. Unsuccessful appeals incur court costs in addition to the amount of the original fine.

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