How Do You Get a Census Tract Code for a Specific Street Address?

How Do You Get a Census Tract Code for a Specific Street Address?

Find a census tract code for a specific street address by using the address search tool at the American Factfinder website. You can also try the Census Geocoder website or the FFIEC Geocoding/Mapping System, or look for the address directly on a census map via the TIGERweb service.

The American Factfinder website contains census tract codes for most addresses within the United States. Enter the full address, including the ZIP code, into the website's search engine. The search engine also lets you looking up addresses by clicking on a map or using the address's name. As of December 2015, the Factfinder database contains information that is accurate only up to 2014.

The Census Geocoder website lets you match addresses with physical coordinates and census geography; this can aid in finding the census tract code for newer addresses that are not in the Factfinder database.

The FFIEC Geocoding/Mapping System is a similar system that uses a combination of census geography and commercial databases to match addresses with census codes. This system can also find demographic information for the specific address being searched.

The U.S. census also provides online census tract maps that are available for public use on the TIGERweb website.