What Does a CCW Reciprocity Map of the United States Show Regarding Florida?


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As of 2016, a concealed carry weapon permit reciprocity map shows all the states that recognize the permits of Florida residents, as noted by USA Carry. Alaska, Georgia, Michigan, Texas and Vermont are among the 35 states that have reciprocal arrangements with Florida.

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What Does a CCW Reciprocity Map of the United States Show Regarding Florida?
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State laws, regarding concealed carry weapon, or CCW, permits vary, and Florida is one of 25 states known as a "shall issue state," according to USA Carry. These states employ the most permissible standard possible and issue a permit to any citizen who meets the minimum requirements, both residents and nonresidents.

Some states, such as Alaska and Vermont, only grant licenses to residents, so even if these states have reciprocity agreements with Florida, they may not view a Florida resident's permit as valid. Several states do not honor Florida CCW permits, including those that are known as may issue states, which means that the state retains the right to deny a permit to individuals, even if they meet all requirements.

Florida does not honor CCW permits from California, Hawaii, Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin and 11 other states, says USA Carry. Florida reciprocity agreements vary, and while some state permits are honored in Florida, a Florida resident's permit may not be honored in some of those states.

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