What Are Some Causes of School Violence?


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School violence can be caused by the presence of physical or emotional triggers such as stress and easy access to weapons. While it is important to let children express themselves freely, lack of counseling and disciplinary measures can lead to school violence.

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Stress and depression in children and teens raise the likelihood of their getting violent in a bid to express their frustration. This anger could be directed against the school management or fellow pupils. When children are exposed to violence at home or from watching violent content on TV or online, they are likely to resort to violence when confronted by challenges.

Easy access to weapons and peer pressure can lead to violence at the school, where children try to prove themselves superior or inflict pain on others by bullying. Lack of guidance especially in their teenage years when they are most vulnerable can lead to violence. The emotional imbalance and inability to resolve their own problems amicably leaves them irritated and susceptible to violent actions.

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