If You Get Caught Speeding in a Construction Zone, What Is the Fine?

caught-speeding-construction-zone-fine Credit: Hiroyuki Matsumoto/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

If you get caught speeding in a construction zone, in most states, the fine is double the fine for the speeding offense had it not occurred in a construction zone. In some states, a predetermined dollar amount is applied to a construction-zone speeding ticket. In others, jail time may be required.

The penalty for speeding in a construction zone differs depending on the state in which the violation occurred. According to Governor's Highway Safety Organization, 33 states, including the District of Columbia, double the fine for a work-zone related traffic violation. In 24 states, workers must be present at the time of the violation in order for the court to double the regular fine. In 40 states, according the GHSO, signs must be posted in order for the increased fine to be affected.

A few states, such as Georgia and Wyoming (which has no pre-determined fine), have unique penalties, which can be determined based on the degree of the violation. In South Carolina and South Dakota, the offending party is offered 30 days of jail time in lieu of the doubled fine. In Michigan a minimum of 3 points are added to the offender's license.

Attorneys trained in traffic law may be able to have the penalty lessened by reducing a construction-zone speeding ticket to a non-moving violation. Anyone who gets a ticket for speeding in a construction zone must check with the authorities responsible for the ticket to ensure a sufficient payment.