What Are Some Cases of Illegal Towing?


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As of 2015, some cases of illegal towing include the Valley Impound Garage case in Northridge, California, and the criminal towing case of NK Towing in San Diego, California, according to LA Weekly and the San Diego Union-Tribune. The types of cases involving illegal towing depend on the location and the infraction.

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The Valley Impound Tow Company did not have a permit to tow away vehicles, reports L.A. Weekly. Valley Impound Garage towed owners' cars and held them for ransom. The tow company asked the owners to pay excessive fees to regain their vehicles. The owner of the tow company then explained to the car owners that if they did not pay $120 upfront, they would have to pay more than $200 later to obtain their car. The case involved 10 victims. The owner was hit with 10 misdemeanor counts and also faced 10 infractions.

The case against NK Towing involved over 100 car owners, explains the San Diego Union-Tribune. The court ordered the company to reimburse motorists a total of $34,580 for illegal towing practices. NK Towing towed vehicles from a parking lot without the authorization of the property manager. This activity took place over the course of months in 2014. The owner of the company pleaded guilty and received a sentence of up to three years of probation.

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