Are There Cases of Employees Who Sued Employers for Stress?


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Employees can sue employers for stress, whether physical or mental, if it causes an injury not covered by workers' compensation, according to All Law. Physical stress injuries include, for example, carpal tunnel syndrome from typing or nerve damage from jackhammer use. An example of a mental stress injury is anxiety.

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In Ryan v. Connor, the Supreme Court of Ohio affirmed the court of appeals' decision that workers' compensation extended to physical injury caused by mental stress, such as an ulcer that develops from stress. In Knight v. Audubon Savings Bank, the Superior Court of New Jersey held that, in cases of mental stress, the petitioner must show that permanent disability resulted from “objectively verified” job-related stress, according to the American Bar Association. In Bedini v. Frost, the Supreme Court of Vermont reaffirmed that a petitioner must show that the job stress they experience is "significantly greater than" that of other employees.

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