What Is a Case Manager?


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A case manager is a person who provides a variety of services to individuals or families with the goal of helping them effectively deal with health-related problems and situations. Case managers work with people to establish their objectives and delineate the necessary resources and steps to achieve them.

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Once the necessary elements required to solve a problem have been established, a case manager locates the resources and establishes a connection between them and his clients. Case managers typically advocate on behalf of their clients when arranging services and keep in contact with them to ensure that the established plan is effectively meeting the preset objectives.

Good case managers focus on what the clients need and what they believe is the best course of action. Their goal is not to manage people directly but to provide the resources and means to help people manage the situation for themselves.

Case managers engage in a collaborative process that involves assessment, facilitation, care coordination and a search for services that provide high-quality and cost-effective outcomes. The purpose behind case management lies in its attempt to establish the client’s autonomy and wellness and to shed the burden from the support and health care systems. This is accomplished by referring the clients to new services, planning and delivering care, assessing the results and level of adjustment to the new program and evaluating the program’s overall effectiveness. Case managers typically require certification that confirms they have the level of education, skills and experience needed to provide an adequate service.

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