What Does "case Adjudicated" Mean in a Disposition Description?

"Case adjudicated" means that a case or court proceeding has been resolved by a judge or arbitrator. When a case is adjudicated, a judge or arbitrator has issued a legally binding decision, bringing the case to an end, according to Law.com.

Adjudication is a legal process that reduces the amount of time it takes to resolve a case. The adjudication process can occur at any stage of a case. The term "adjudication" refers to the process of a judge or arbitrator reviewing the evidence and legal paperwork of the case and issuing a decision, explains Law.com.

An adjudication is requested by the defendant in the trial. For this to occur, the defendant states that he or she wants a bench trial before a judge rather than jury trial heard by a jury, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The adjudication process is employed because it is less expensive than a jury trial. It is also much faster than a trial by jury. The result of the adjudication process is a judgment that is legally binding to both parties and recognized by all law enforcement agencies. In civil cases, a mediator often hears the case instead of a judge, notes Law.com.